Monday, November 2, 2009

Space Wolves Soundtrack Mk. I

The Space Wolves are an army with plenty of character to go around.  When it comes to Werewolf Vikings in Space, you have to be fairly careful in your approach to aesthetics.  Most of you are going to end up on one end of the spectrum (BOK link) with the beardo losers who couldn't swing a sword if their lives depended on it or on the other side.  On the other hand, if you have an ounce of good taste in your body, you'll play your army like Russ intended; a bunch of blood-thirsty, xeno-wasting, berserk viking motherfuckers without any of the new-agey nonsense or furry affiliation.

(Dressing up like animals to have sex?  Bjorn the Fell Handed would eat these babies for breakfast.)

In order to help you avoid turning yourself into the portrait of an ineffectual nerd, I'm going to give some recommendations for Space Wolf-inspired listening.  The music makes the army, motherfuckers.

We'll start with the aforementioned Amon Amarth.  Yes, they're terribly popular and well-known to metalheads, but they're also one of the finest viking metal acts around.  Twilight of the Thunder God was one of the best albums of 2008, full to the drinking horn's brim with viking mythology and crushing riffs.

Fuck yes.  It's obvious, but it's still so fucking good.

All of their back catalog is worth listening to and they've got a DVD, Wrath of the Norsemen, complete with dudes fighting on stage in full viking regalia.  I watch this while painting.  Get the fuck into it.

For slightly more esoteric viking metal we turn to Enslaved, and in particular last year's transcendent Vertebrae.  Enslaved is a band that has never been afraid to experiment with their sound, but none of the results have been as phenomonal as Vertebrae.  1996's Frost is a black metal masterpiece, but Vertebrae is something else entirely.  Experimental and progressive without ever becoming masturbatory or boring, Vertebrae is a perfect metal album.  It's challenging, atmospheric, and varied.  Play it when you're making lists or talking Wolf tactics; it's a bit more cerebral than the rest.

Enslaved videos have always been so damned hilarious.  Please just pay attention to the music here.

That's all for now, more will follow soon!


  1. Amon Amarth = head breaking goodness. For something a bit more mellow check out Summoning - Lord of the Rings influenced ambient metal.

    Amon Amarth are also an influence on my army with their track Across the Rainbow bridge. Basically anything refering to Bifrost is good when you play Rainbow Warriors.

  2. Manowar! The entire album "Gods of War" is perfect for the mindset of the Space Wolf. In addition, you can actually hear the lyrics!

  3. Gotthammer, I'm a massive Summoning fan. Expect them to get a mention next time around.

    My favorite Amon Amarth track for 40k is definitely "Free Will Sacrifice". The lyrics are just too perfect.

    Thorgad: Manowar is another one sure to get a mention. They get bonus points for providing their own hilarious pictures.


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