Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here's a rough copy of the current 2k list I've been running:

Njal leading a buncha WG Terms, usually 5-7 with varied wargear depending on what I feel like trying, rollin' with a LRC.

Grey Hunters x 10, 2x Meltaguns, Rhino
Grey Hunters x 9, Meltagun, Rhino, and a Rune Priest
15 Blood Claws in a LRC with two flamers
Predator Annihilator

Now, if you look at it, you might wonder why I'm not playing a normal Space Marine chapter.  In the whole list I really only take advantage of N'jal, a Rune Priest, and the Blood Claws' extra attacks on the charge.  There's not a lot of that trademark Space Wolf uniqueness to be had, here, and I'm determined to mix it up.  It's also a huge points list, which needs to be changed.  Njal and two Land Raiders is so silly.

A disapproving glare from Fenrisian kin!

Step one:  Get rid of some of my vehicles.  I have been getting great results being Mech'd up and all, but I just don't think it's what the Wolves are supposed to be doing.  We have fewer vehicle options than vanilla Marines; we should be using our tanks to supplement our force, not serve as the backbone thereof. 

That I've been doing relatively well with so many really speaks to the power of mech and Marine vehicles more than the Space Wolves themselves.  My list relies on the presence of lots of armor and I'm not sure I like it.  I'm using my basic troops less and less, and the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws are some of the best basic troops around!

Step two:  Add more Space Wolf-specific units.  I want Lone Wolves, Wolf Guard, and Thunderwolf Cavalry, and I want lots of 'em.  I'm having a problem with Thunderwolves and finding an appropriate, varied, and cost-effective model, but I'm sure something will sort it out soon enough.  In the meantime, I'm using my bikes for "counts as" cav. 

I'm likely going to skip Blood Claws and their variants in this step.  Swiftclaw are fantastic and I love them, Skyclaw are pretty scary in the right hands, but I'm just not interested in extra attacks on the charge alone.  If I were also taking Ragnar or Wolf Priests I would be set, but those units don't really appeal to me.  The extra attack on the charge is cool and all, but not really something that stands out of the Wolf dex as being particularly flavorful.  I will have to explore ways to kit these squads up as I play.


Lone Wolves are such a great fluffy unit, I'm a bit ashamed that I haven't taken them more.  I think it has something to do with my third game, a crushing defeat at the hands of a local vet who killed my Lone Wolf with storm bolters from two Drop Pods.  What the fuck.  Well, I'm reinstating my Chainfist/Storm Shield Lone Wolf, and giving him some Fenrisian Wolves to run with once I can find some models for 'em. 

I also really need to take advantage of the Wolf Guard.  I'm going to run Logan as an HQ and take them as troops, both in and out of Terminator Armor.  Drop Pods and Land Raiders and all sorts of nastyness abounds.  I've been looking at the "Wolfwing" lists that the internet is so fond of, and I think I'm going to give my own a try.  Hopefully it will come out a bit different from the cookie cutters, but we'll see!  Historically my Terminators have rolled more 1's on saves than anything else, so I'm a bit leery of this idea, but I figure I have to try.

Step three:  Read a Space Wolf story.  I haven't decided which one, but I'm going to try and take my own advice and get inspired by the fluff, no matter how bad it is.  Any suggestions?

Do I have to?  Ugh.

Step four:  Take ideas from the audience.  Fire away!


  1. A mix of SW mech and Thunderwolves can be pretty nasty. I'm working on converting my Dark Angels into a more "generic" army so I can use the rules for various chapters while using the same models. I'm picking up a couple boxes of Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Knights to convert up into Thunderhorse Cavalry.

  2. Listen to Bolt Thrower while your opponent(s) are taking their turns. This will get you in to the true spirit of battle.

  3. Agreed, Chum. I'm not sure how my list is going to look yet, especially because I haven't really decided on optimal equipment loadouts for the Thunder Cav. I think one Thunder Hammer, a Storm Shield, maybe a Wolf Claw, and some Meltabombs for good wound allocation will be the end result.

    I do think that people tend to overestimate the Deathstar-y-ness of the Thunder Cav; they seem to be best suited for taking out troop squads out in the open. I wouldn't trust them to do anything beyond that. They're going to be pretty fantastic at it, but 25 attacks with only one or two power weapons and some rends really isn't all that disgusting. If you get good hitting rolls, though, or Logan joins up and gives em Preferred Enemy, watch out. That's really when things get ugly.

  4. Dana, good idea. I'll bring some way to do that with me next time.

  5. The real threat from TWC against infantry is that Str 5 T 5. You'd be surprised at how hard it will be for many units to really hurt them in close combat (Marines without fists need 5s and most other forces need 6s to wound) while TWC should be wounding with relative easy (2s or 3s against many targets). Even if they aren't quite the deathstars people think they are, they will sure draw attention away from your other units. Besides, with the right models they should be sweet looking.

    At the risk of tooting my own horn I'm going to throw this link out there as a basis for a more fluffy army. Its far from perfect, but there are some good elements you could lift out of it (Long Fangs are a very fluffy unit) It won't get you far on an open table but its pretty fun and Ragnar leading a bunch of infantry building by building is almost at the heart of some of the fluff.

  6. I have the Space Wolves Omnibus - which you are welcome to Frank. I expect to be up at Endgame Tuesday Dec 22nd...

    Hoping to get in another game with my Death Guard.


  7. pdelair - I agree. They're a massive threat to infantry, but I don't see them doing well against anything else. Infantry out in the open (and therefore able to get charged by cavalry) is a very rare thing in my games, which means I have to set the TCav up a bit more for the charge. Not that I couldn't do that, but still. It requires a bit more tactical application than most people are giving it credit for.

    Hey Carl! I think I'm just gonna buy it, I might as well. Can't wait to see you on the 22nd, and see what kinda progress you've made in painting those awesome Death Guard.

  8. Well, give someone a Thunder Hammer and let him go to town with S10 attacks against armor. Outside of being in a metal box, cover doesn't really slow them down that much. Yeah, they have to roll difficult terrain, but they double the result so they can still get a pretty decent jump and they come with Frag grenades.


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