Sunday, January 17, 2010

Searching For Excitement

Try as hard as I may, I have had a very difficult time getting excited about working on my Space Wolves lately.  I have been enjoying 40k more since I took a few weeks off, but when it comes to working out a new list or getting my things painted, I just haven't been able to muster up the resolve to get 'er done.

On the painting front, I thought I was making great progress when I got all of my troops basecoated and shaded, but the steam just went right out of me shortly after.  A lot of this has to do with my playing of different style lists that would require a lot more assembly and purchasing - dramatically increasing my painting queue.  Just thinking about the money and time I would have to spend sucks the energy right out of me!

I'm looking at running a lot of Razorbacks, where as a noob I bought only Rhinos.  I want to start running more Wolf Guard Terminators, and since I didn't magnetize my old ones, I need to get more.  I want to run Thunder Cav, obviously, but the conversion nightmare and hunting for a suitable Wolf miniature sounds entirely unappealing.  It's really nice to have a core of basecoated troops that I can field and not feel too bad about, but the rest of my models have just been sitting in the foam. 

On a more positive note, I have finally found a points level that I like playing at consistently.  1500 point games are great - they give you enough room to squeeze a neat trick or two in, but the games still play very fast and don't often drag past the 2.5 hour mark.  It's a shame so many tournaments and events are 1850-2000, because I really don't like the games as much. 

My lists are finally starting to coalesce around a few solid choices that I've learned to use well.  My Vindicator continues to prove itself despite only taking one.  My Predator Annihilator works wonders for getting transports open and giving Thunder Cav something to eat.  My troops choices could use a bit more tweaking, but overall I'm very happy with three squads of Grey Hunters.  Rune Priests are starting to see less and less play for more consistently awesome HQs and characters like Arjac.  I still love the little psykers, but Living Lightning and Jaws just aren't reliable enough for me.  Murderous Hurricane is still fantastic, though!

My Chainfist/Storm Shield Lone Wolf is a beast.  I haven't been taking a pair of Fenrisian Wolves with him yet, because he has yet to be shot down by anything but the luckiest of rolls.  He acts like a mini-Dreadnought, charging across the field and sending troops scattering to get away.  I usually screen him with a Rhino or two and then send him around the side to tear shit up.

Despite all this, I'm having a hard time writing lists I like.  I end up just tossing 1250 or 1500 points together and seeing how individual things perform, trying out units or characters against different armies.  Though I've played at least a half dozen lists at any given points level, I'm never finding one that reaches off the page and says "PLAY ME AGAIN, MOTHERFUCKER!"

I'll keep tryin.


  1. Well that sucks Frank - what I find is once I get one unit painted I build up this kind of synergy that keeps me painting even more. The more I get accomplished the more I get painted.

    As for size games - though the 1500 point games play faster, I tend to enjoy about 1850. As I have gotten faster with my army - those seem to go a bit quicker.

    Sorry to hear you are losing Steam. I really like your choice of armies.

  2. I'm trying to re-energize before Dundracon, and I've actually had a fair amount of fun actually *playing* 40k, but I'm having a hard time finishing the army out. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I've recently started painting other miniatures and I've enjoyed painting them and the results a lot more. I just might have to switch things up with my Wolves to keep it interesting.

    1850 is usually okay, I just find that 1500 point games rarely go longer than 2 hours, which is just about right for me.

  3. Frank, fist I'd like to say that I've really enjoyed your blog. I got turned on to this site by your FNG article on BoK.

    I'm 28, I've been playing GWS games since I was 13, I've owned 5 diffeent 40k armies and 3 diffeent fantasy armies in the last 15 years...I've never finished painting one of them. I enjoy modeling and painting but I play this game more for the game playing aspect. I find myself constantly refining my lists and not knowing what I should paint and what I should leave for later. Like you, I get to a point where it stops being fun, and it almost become work to grind out the models.

    In the end what I've fonally come up with after all of these years is to play an army for a while and not even attempt to paint it except for some of the most core choices (tac squad for space marines for example) and then decide on a final list and not deviate from that list until I've finished the army. So far, I'm as far as I've ever been in completing an army.

  4. First and foremost, this is a great site. Its been a nice journey to see startin 40k through the eyes of an adult.

    I find that I like 1850 for the exact same reason that you like 1500...its enough points for some good tricks, but not so much that the game takes all night. Its hard to paint a whole army...especially a pace Marine one where all of the models are painted so similarly. It certainly is worth the effort once it is all said and done to just lay it out and take a look.

    It sounds like you've taken little "breaks" from paintintg wolves by painting Warmachine models. I also break up the repition of a space marine army by painintg the occational model for fun. My current "fun" projects are painting a Space Wolf model (my next army once I finish up my space marines) or a Warmachine model (Cygnar). They're both very different color schemes from my marines and done in different styles.

  5. Andrew - Wow, thanks so much for the kind words. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you until right now. I was just about to post something up on here when I saw the comment. What's the most complete army that you've got? I would really like to finish my Wolves soon, preferrably before Kublacon, but I just know I'll keep changing my lists and adding more stuff to the queue. I'm hoping my upcoming games help me nail a list down a bit more so I can have a firmer idea of what to paint.

  6. Euclid - First and foremost - thanks a ton. I really appreciate the compliment. Like I said to Andrew - sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.

    1850 is a fine points level, I just haven't got as much experience with it as I do 1500. I'm sure it's not too terribly different, and I may even like it more once I get some games in.

    Funny that you take break with Cygnar models - that's what I've been doing, too. Space Wolves and Cygnar are an awesome combination of armies to play - they play very different and they look very distinct. Fun stuff.


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