Friday, February 12, 2010

Dundracon Eve

On the eve of my first 40k Rogue Trader Tournament, I'm feeling woefully unprepared.  Most of my army isn't painted - I'm coming to the table with an unpainted HQ, an unpainted unit of Thunder Cav, two unpainted Rhinos, an unpainted Land Raider, an unpainted Vindicator, and an unpainted Predator.  The sad thing is that I had plenty of time to prepare before the event, but a gnarly eye infection has prevented me from really being able to paint for the last couple of weeks.

I'm hoping that my opponents are understanding of the bummer circumstance.  I've been told to expect maybe one of my three opponents to have a fully painted army, so maybe I won't feel so bad then, but right now I'm dreading it.

I also experienced a weird form of "army list block" that I wrote about a bit already.  I'm almost always changing my lists for casual play and I haven't played very many games at 1850, so I haven't really found something that I like.  Rather than trying to be hyper-competitive, I'm going to have to approach this tournament as another list-building test.  I say that now in the hopes I will be able to stick to it during the event.  I likely won't.

Wish me luck.


  1. I hope that you made it and that the event went well for you. Playing in tournaments is like dating after a divorce, you just need to get out there and do it regardless of if you feel ready. Maybe you didn't feel your army was perfect yet, all your models weren't painted, etc... You'd be waiting a long time before all the stars were lined up.

  2. I did in fact make it. I am not sure that I would say the event "went well", though I have plenty to say about it. As always, hanging out with my group was the highlight of the day.

    I like that attitude, though, and it's ultimately what drove me out the door to the event. Sure I wasn't painted and I didn't really like my list, but I still had to go. It was certainly an experience.


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